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Chilean investment fund lands at the Venice Film Festival at a key moment for the film industry

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  • Chilean investment fund lands at the Venice Film Festival at a key moment for the film industry

Two Chilean women, founders of Screen Capital, challenge the traditional financing model of film productions with a disruptive investment model, whose first project «Memory» is part of the official Venice competition, demonstrating that Latin American creativity and talent have a global value in the film industry.

Screen Capital revolutionizes the film industry with a novel model associated with venture capital, more used in the world of startups. Joyce Zylberberg and Tatiana Emden, founders of this venture capital fund, have brought their global vision to the Venice Festival with their first investment in Official Competition, «Memory», a film by Mexican director Michel Franco, starring Jessica Chastain and Peter Sarsgaard. At a time when Hollywood is facing a strike, these partners in charge of two investment funds stand as a promising alternative, demonstrating that Latin American talent can design creative finance models on the international film scene. Their ability to have built a private financing model has caught the attention of the industry, positioning Screen Capital as a driving force in the financing of independent films.

Tatiana Emden assures: “under the current circumstances, and raising independent financing, content can be produced and sold to streaming platforms with a better floor, improving the position and negotiation condition. Content must continue to meet demand. Likewise, for investors it is a good time because there are more opportunities for quality content and at the same time attractive commercially, increasing the ambition and desire to participate and invest in projects in positions that are normally occupied by stakeholders”.

The firm has managed to establish a solid network in the film and entertainment industry, with investors and alliances in several countries and together with prominent professionals from the world of entertainment, such as Patricio Rabuffetti, leader of the Nonstop group; Ralph Haiek, former President of the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts of Argentina (INCAA) and current President of the Investment Committee of the Screen One Fund, as well as Edgar Spielmann, former Vice President and Director of Operations of Fox Networks Group Latin America.

Joyce Zylberberg explains: “There is a whole new generation of projects and producers looking to be able to independently finance their works. This is because it gives them more creative freedom and the opportunity to obtain future value from the projects, since they maintain the intellectual property and are the owners of the exploitation and sales. This also makes the model attractive for equity investors, because windows are increasingly open to participate in projects with impact”.

Screen One has 2 premiered projects in its portfolio, Memory (Mexico, USA, Chile), Maquíllame otra vez (Mexico, Chile), a series in production, AMIA (Argentina, Israel, Chile), filmed in Uruguay for Israel’s Reshet 13 in Spanish, English, Hebrew and Persian, as well as various Chilean projects under development for the global market.

About Screen Capital

Screen Capital is a private investment management fund oriented to the development and expansion of the audiovisual and entertainment industry, specialized in generating returns through a model of recruitment, selection, and monitoring of a portfolio of diversified content. Founded by Joyce Zylberberg and Tatiana Emden and counts Edgar Spielmann among its partners. In 2020 it launched its first private fund Screen One, amounting to approximately USD$20 million, investing in leading regional content companies with global reach for streaming platforms, TV and cinemas. In 2023 they launched their second private fund, Screen II, oriented to companies in the world of Entertainment, which includes industries such as video games, e-sports, augmented reality, intellectual property licensing in general, among others.

Screen One Fund strategically associates with the best executive producers in the region and participates in projects with equity financing in a co-production model. Thanks to its know-how and international networks, Screen Capital adds value in commercial management by connecting projects with global distribution networks. Within their associative model, in both funds, together with private capital, they have the participation of Corfo lines (Government of Chile) aimed at encouraging Venture Capital in Chile.

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